So....Who is "T.Storm"? 

                    My name is Travis, but because I like you, you can call me T. Storm (AKA Tropical Storm). The majority of my life has been in Florida…I was born there, grew up there, and even graduated there at the University of Florida.  Growing up on the gulf coast helped spark excitement in everything from catching snakes and gators to finding Meg shark teeth.  I’m a strong advocate of conserving nature through means of adventure. There is so much fun to be had in the wilderness that many individuals never get to experience.  Getting hands on with the world in which we are a part of can be both a rush and release. Nothing pleases me more than to experience someone enjoying the planet’s natural treasures in an interactive, yet respectful way.  If curious in learning more about me, just holla! To see what I’m up to now, click on What’s Crackin'!